Ever since I have been closely working with Francis on some projects that are out of my comfort zone, I have the feeling that there is some element missing in Jeff, and that must be one of the critical factors on my way from Good to Great.

Last time Francis mentioned to me “不折不扣”, and I think it almost hit the point, while I kind of get the reason in terms of human behavior. I am not sure if other people will act similar like I do, but the below summary is simply based on my own experience:

Currently, I got excessive work in my to-do list, and all of them always got its reason to be completed ASAP. My previous finding on Time Management on “How to deal with sudden tasks” doesn’t apply to my case anymore, as now I’m moving to a new leadership role, and need to adapt a new approach and mindset: to fulfill multi-tasks in short time.

So that’s what I attempted to do: to fulfill multi-tasks in a short time. I need to complete them; otherwise, neither my boss nor I will accept it. Therefore, I kind of lose my sense of quality assurance. This, indeed, brought me much more trouble, say, duplicate work, too much back and forth communication, etc.

However, multi-tasks has to be completed in short time, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, with good quality, that’s how I transform from good to great.

With constant self-review on my work performance and thinking on how to improve, I remember two weeks ago, Francis told me that his secret on time management is “hear and think carefully before work, you can hit to the points better.” I think this time I fully get and appreciate the essence of it in my mind.

Knowing, doing, and being. I am a step forward in the regard of time management.

Think twice before you act, BUT act fast!

Jeff Wang

3 Dec 2009

What We Can Imagine, What We Can Achieve!