I have to say that actually I know it: Speak in interest of the people who you are speaking to…I learned it from Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People. Yet I just didn’t apply it effectively enough, I mean at work, though I have that injected in my mind.

It hits me so many times that the theory is there and the first step is that we got to know it, by whatever means. And then we need to have the execution to exercise it. After that the theory will be a part of you mindset. And the most important part and the one that makes a big difference is that we need to honing the skill to leverage it. It’s a continuing process and could not be achieved in a day.

In summary, apart from  Knowing, Doing, Being, I think Polishing should be the one comes after that.

Knowing, Doing, Being, Polishing.

Jeff Wang

9 Dec 2009

What We Can Imagine, What We Can Achieve!