well, it’s been a long time again…guess it is time for me to re-frame myself and get back to the right track from the current chaos.

Thanks to Anthony Robbins, I used to manage pressure well. But the pressure these days is overwhelming as I am working closely with a tough CEO who once mentioned to me that I should grow myself in a tough way. Yes, I felt that, he is now helping me that way.

Nearly all people comments themselves under high pressure, but have you been working so often in your dream, fulfilling one task in a dream, switching to another one in another dream, and they are just happening in a single night…Well, that’s my status two weeks before a couple of days ago. Ever since I was born, this is the second time I have been in such situation, the first one happened in the early days when I was working with Leo two years ago.

But I always remind myself: Jeff, you must go through it. Once you have been through, you will feel comfortable with everything. And only in this way you will become a real achiever – the one who trully makes things happen!

So frequently, I used Kobe Bryant’s “If You Really Want It” to motivate myself, I used “狠狠狠” to push myself to do those things I am not much willing to do, I kept reading one page of “The Secret Daily Teachings” to inspire myself so that I kept focusing on the positive, I used…well, way too many methods and things, as long as they help.

Big pressure, huh…I guess it was.

Such situation won’t bring me health, I felt pain at my shoulders when I went to play basketball last Saturday. God, I need some changes, and changes for the better.

Still, there was one crazy thing I have done and I especially want to mention here, which is, I went jogging the other day in the early morning at 6:10, when it was all dark outside; when I was back, the sky just started to get a bit clear, and it was at 6:30. The feeling of jogging was really great.

A lot of people around were found unhealthy these days, I think I need to pay more attention as well. Speaking of this, wishing everything goes fine with my dear friend Schiller’s father.

Take care of yourselves, my friends, wherever you are, and whoever you are, as long as you are reading here.

Time Management and Psychology
Things changed for the better in the last few days. First, I read a blog post about “lessen work time to do more important things, do more important things to less work time”. And then I got further inspiration from the book “The Road Less Traveled” when I was reading it on the bus to office. There are two kinds of people, one is taking on too much responsibilities on themselves (I am one of this type and it is called 神经官能症), while the other type is everything is other people’s responsibilities (called 人格失调症). Luckily, I am just the former one and it is far easier to cure.

By these specific and random inspiration, I got somewhere and started to relax a bit, and am getting better this week.

Sweet Moments
Last Friday was my birthday. Apart from my girlfriend’s cool gifts, well, I really love them, I have also received special blessings from my dear friends, Schiller and Cindy, with Olivia and later Jessie and Abby. Both Seeds and NewStage are cool. I love you guys! Thanks!

Yesterday suddenly received a phone call from Karen, who told me that she felt what I shared with her before very useful at work, and also gave me a kind offer that I could stay at their family if I drop by SZ next time, as their new house has a spare room. Sweet, isn’t it. Thanks.

Systems Thinking
Systems Thinking is the best things I have learned from the Young Manager Workshop, which was remarked by the trainer the must-have gear to top management. When thinking a thing, don’t just think about ourselves, but also consider the other people/factors in our systems.

Well, so much for this, piece by piece, but I think I can conclude in following: I am a not-very-smart man who is working hard with faith and determination to go through the hard times with purpose of gearing up myself a person who is able to make things happen. Always think positive and solutions will come!

Jeff Wang
What We Can Imagine, What We Can Achieve!
13 Jan 2010