Tonight, after the 2nd NewStage regular meeting, i have done a couple of things:

1. changed my blog title from “A Passion to Win” to “Making Dream Happen“;
2. changed the tagline from “Be My Best Jeff” to “The Dream Journal of Jeff Wang“;
3. sent email to my university teacher to discuss how we can make our school better and help university student.

NewStage has a good start, and I hope together we will make great things happen, and realize both of our personal goal and collective goal.

Me myself will be leading the project that is aimed to find a good cooperation model for SMEs and Young Professionals to create a win-win situation, by which our country will be made a better place.

The project sounds interesting, yet challenging and complicated enough, if aiming at a professional outcome and make sense in terms of feasibility.

Let’s see what will happen. Too much talking means nothing, i am looking to the real action stage.

Life is amazing if we are committed to make it amazing. Making my dream happen will be where amazing happens.

Jeff Wang
3 Feb, 2010
What We Can Imagine, What We Can Achieve!