Michael: Jeff, how much sales skill do you have?
Jeff: Well, I am not a sales person, but we are selling everyday. What I know is to understand the target audience, bring value to him/her, create win-win situation.
Michael: Make it specific, plz…
Jeff: um….
Michael: OK, let me put it this way. Your presentation didn’t convince me until you said some words that create the magic?
Jeff: What is that?
Michael: You said: We make sure that emails of our client will be routed to target audience’s inbox.
Jeff: Yes, that’s our expertise.
Michael: Say it again, Jeff.
Jeff: That’s our expertise.
Michael: Say it louder.
Jeff: I mean that’s our expertise (volume up)
Michael: yeah. Pinky, do you notice that? When he is saying so, his face is shining, with Pride. That’s what makes the difference.
(Pinky was having dinner with us)
Yes, I sense that. The pride, when I was speaking that, I am really proud of myself coz I am really an expert in that field. It’s not about the sales skills, it’s about the Pride. That’s where the magic lies in.
At that very moment, my fear, my limitation, and my self-doubt on myself, don’t matter any more. The only thing in my mind is the Pride. Yeah, I found it, the magic Key. As long as I am proud of what I am doing, and I am an expert in the field I am in, I can do whatever I want to achieve!
Yeah, the pride, the pride, the pride. When we are doing something we are really proud of, anything is possible! That’s amazing.
Jeff Wang
3 Mar, 2010
What We Can Imagine, What We Can Achieve!