By Steve Pavlina


The author analyzed the Inner Resources VS. Outer Resources, suggesting what to choose in different stages of people’s lives.

And it’s extremly inspiring and useful for me at the current stage when negotiating with my management team about my second-year compensation package, as a 20s.


27 Mar, 2008


My contract ended yesterday, and I was offered by a new package which actually is not very desirable to me. Considering my workload and devotion to my company, and also driven by the value that I will bring to my company, I believe that Jeff deserves better payment. Well, it is always not comfortable when talking about money. However, we got to go through this process. And actually I have learned something in this process which I want to share with people who happens to read my piece. 

The story:

When I was offered by the package, I started to think that my company should pay me more because I worked so hard and proactive, devoting to my company’s development. And actually I got my own expectation, and honestly it is a bit high, but I do hope that my company would pay me that amount. However, I doubt that any company will do this only because you work so hard and proactive. I know that payment most of times depends on the value you can bring to the company. Then I started to think about how to convince my company that I should get what I expect. And things just keep on and on, but no result out…


When back home at night, an idea flashed into my mind that I was not in the right track. What I need to do is not to beg them to raise my payment, but to justify that I deserve the payment I expect. Sometimes we see that two kinds of products are nearly of same quality and same design, etc. but they sell at different price. However, as long as the seller can justify what they worth more, people still buy it. Therefore, I am going to negotiate with my boss and justify my expectation, though I am now not sure whether or not if it works or not. You will see that in the following posts. 


I still remembered that one year ago when I negotiated with my general manager, I took a risky approach to stick to my expectation and finally my general manager compromise and added a special item in my contract, an one-month salary as bonus if I can finally meet the benchmark my supervisor set for me, which I did. I dare to say that few people have the courage to do so just to test if the theory of the negotiation book is right, especially now the competition in Chinese Job market is so fierce. In other words, that’s why I also want to try it this time. But please be noted that here I am not tempted to stimulate people to be tough when negotiate with boss, because there is a pre-condition, which is You need to work hard and proactive, bringing value to your company and you are somehow indispensable for a certain period of time. OK. So much for this, I need to prepare for the negotiation and I will absolutely update the outcome later. 


20 March 2008